What is the best fuel to burn on my stove?

Do not purchase unsuitable fuels or your money will be going up in smoke!

Fire wood should be seasoned beforehand and we recommend burning logs with a low moisture content of around 20%. Unseasoned wood is hard to ignite, burns poorly, produces very little heat as most of the energy is being used to drive off the extra moisture. This will in turn create tar / creosote that can damage the appliance and block the flue, which in turn risk the danger of a chimney fire or fumes escaping back into the room. Burning green or wet wood is very inefficient, creates lots of polluting smoke and in many cases will void the warranty on your stove and flue so must always be avoided.

Of cause, on a multifuel stove you can also burn mineral fuel (Coal) .Always check on the product that your burning that it is suitable for a “closed appliance” i.e. a Stove, and that the fuel you are burning is suitable for use in the Area that you live.


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