Charnwood C-Five

C-Series Family – Our most popular stove – The C Five.

The C-Series is one of Charnwood’s latest innovations. A range of classically styled wood burning & multifuel stoves that feature one single air control and an integrated inlet for ducting external air to improve performance and efficiency.

The C-Five DUO a multi fuel stove  has a similar output to the C-Four but it is built with landscape proportions to take a slightly longer log length, It’s fitted with a fixed grate to allow both wood and mineral fuels to equally burn well with high efficiency and low emissions.


Charnwood offer a wide range of Ecodesign Ready stoves featuring their revolutionary BLU technology that significantly reduces particle emissions while ensuring high efficiencies, easy and controllable operation with a superior flame picture.

  • Cleanburn airwash technology
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
  • DEFRA exempt for burning wood in smoke control areas
  • Sliding ash pan for clean and easy ash removal
  • Also available as a wood only option, this excludes the ash pan.
10 Year Guarantee:

When purchased through Simply Fires ltd & registered the body of your Charnwood stove will be covered by a 10 year dealer-backed guarantee (or 3 years in the case of boiler stoves). Additionally your stove will come with a 1 year no-quibble guarantee for all consumables. This includes glass, fire bricks and rope seals. For stoves not registered using the code a standard 1 year guarantee is available, which does not include consumables.


  • Rear heat shield
  • Store stand | Low stand | High legs
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor
  • Choice of 8 colours – Black standard 
  • Black handle

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As UK manufacturers of the finest multi-fuel and wood burning stoves Charnwood aim to simplify the real fire process and bring an enduring sense of warmth and satisfaction to the very heart of your home.

Designed and built using the latest technology, their clean burning stoves burn wood, coal and smokeless fuels at maximum efficiency and output low emissions, giving a clear view of the fire.

The C-Series is Charnwood’s latest innovation. A range of classically styled wood burning stoves that feature one single air control and an integrated outlet for ducting external air. The C-Series stoves deliver an exceptionally clean burn with outstanding efficiency

All C-Series models are designed to meet DEFRA requirements for smoke control exemption; allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas.