Stove Fan | 4 Blade Heat Powered



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334 – 4 Blade

The 334 4 blade heat powered stove fan is our smallest and most compact design we offer. At only 187mm high and 180mm wide, the 334 can fit into the tiniest of spaces and fireplace surrounds. Also, because of its small design, it sits lower to the stove, has great circulation and therefore blows out very warm air.

How it Works 

A stove fan is designed to equally distribute warm air across the room created by a gas or wood burning stove. It has a thermoelectric module that acts as a generator to power the stove fan’s discreet motor. Our stove fans only use heat from the stove so is completely self-powered. By using a stove fan this will result in lower fuel costs and reduced emissions. The stove fan will begin to operate when the surface temperature reaches 50°C. Because of the low starting temperature our stove fan can be used on gas stoves as well as wood burning stoves. Using a stove fan is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. It uses no batteries so can be used where there is no electricity.

There is a safety strip on the base of the fan which is designed to gently lift the base of the fan to prevent it from overheating and damaging the motor. The safety strip will then lower the fan back when the stove decreases to the maximum operating temperature.

Note: Must be placed on top of the stove away from the flue pipe.


  • 1350 RPM Max (Average 1167 RPM)
  • Height – 187mm, Width 180mm
  • At optimum burn (300°C) ft/min (CFM) 330 (90)
  • Increases stove’s efficiency up to 16%
  • Circulates warm air over large areas
  • Self- generated energy
  • Ultra- low starting temperature – 50°C
  • Fan speed automatically varies with temperature
  • Ultra- quiet operation
  • Constructed by anodised aluminium
  • Satin black paint, it will more than compliment your stove or fireplace all year round.