Phoenix Firebright Inset

The Phoenix Firebright inset is a highly responsive stove making it a highly efficient heat source due to the way it naturally convects the heat. Designed to replace an open fire this inset stove is a stylish,highly efficient multi-fuel burner with a more contemporary feel. Providing you with a stove that you’ll be proud to make the focal point of your home.


  • Pre-heated air wash system
  • Multi-fuel stove
  • Full riddling grate and ash pan
  • Convects heat into the room
  •  Cool to touch stainless stell handle and controls
  • Top flue only.


  • Colour finish

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“A fire is a focal point within every home, providing light, warmth and entertainment” 

When you buy a Woodwarm Stove you are getting a hand crafted British Made product that feature an excellent air wash system. After circulating the stove, pre heated air flushes down over the double glazed door keeping the glass perfectly clean at all times, even at low temperatures. It’s superior clean burn efficiency meaning that not only is more heat achieved on less fuel, but combustion products in the flue are also reduced, causing fewer flue problems.

You’re also able to choose the perfect stove for your lifestyle, with options to have a woodburning or  multi-fuel, with a variety of addable extras including colours and heights.