Vulcanus 730 Masterchef


It couldn’t be easier to feel like a chef in your own home and create your perfect BBQ experience. With The Vulcanus Masterchef prepare your food on the extended side space with one of the Vulcanus wooden chopping boards and keep wood and kitchenware nearby with additional storage underneath.

Inspired by both heat and beauty, Vulcanus flame grills allow an exceptional cooking experience over the hottest flames, whilst providing the most elegant and beautiful alternative to the conventional garden BBQ for discerning homeowners.

Available in two different versions the 730 and the 910 with several additional accessorise.

The highly distinctive Vulcanus Grill is the prefect addition for your outdoor living space. Creating an attractive area to prepare and cook food for up to 50 people with innovative technology and weather resistant material look no further for your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Features & Benefits:

  • The COR-TEN material and ceramic slow heat release core provide superb thermal stability.
  • The COR-TEN steel has a long service life and can withstand any outdoor conditions.
  • The lining provides better circulation of hot air, thermal stability and reduced wood consumption.
  • The steel cook top is perfect for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and dough.
  • Add a  central cooking grid to provide two positions for grilling in a direct flame or over embers.
  • The cook top is divided into two heat zones, which means you can grill and at the same time warm up cheese and vegetables.
  • The square shape of the cooktop offers a grilling surface that is up to ⅓ larger.
  • Store wood, kitchenware and food  in the handy underneath compartments.
  • We recommend using wood that has a residual moisture level of less than 20% using dried logs cut into 33 cm lengths. Charcoal can also be used.

The grill includes:

  • Ceramic accumulation core
  • Plate 10 mm or 12 mm thick (Pro730 or Pro910) EU certified for food contact
  • Grease drain system for healthier grilling without carcinogens
  • Easy ash dumping system at the bottom of the grillYou can practically use any type of hardwood,
Weight 160 kg
Product dimensions  Base 480 x 1175 mm Height 910mm
Grill surface dimensions 730 x 730 mm
Material Italy Cor-Ten steel (Body) and Boiler steel (Plate)