Aspect 5

The Aspect range features a large window so you can view the beauty of the flames in your stove. Combining looks, controllabilty and a very high efficiency, the Aspect is the prefect addition to any home. The Aspect 5 is highly controllable with a single air control and can change from high to low in seconds.

The Aspect 5 is also available as a compact.


  • DEFRA Approved
  • Tripleburn technology
  • Hot airwash system
  • Eco Design Ready / 2022 Approved


  • Multifuel
  • Black or stainless steel handle
  • Heat shield
  • Bench or Log stores
  • Compact – reducing the stove depth

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Parkray’s wood burning stoves have been developed and refined over a 40-year history. They have become some of the most advanced stoves in the world, but because there is more to a stove than pure performance, they have continually refined the designs to find the perfect balance of lines and curves.

A Parkray wood stove become a working part of your home, and will last for decades. They have been designed and build to be a superior heating appliances and a work of art taking center stage in your home.