Aversa Limestone Fireplace

The Aversa

This Agena Limestone fireplace is influenced by early Georgian design principles, paying close attention to lines and proportions to create a strong, yet elegant frame. The addition of the grey ceramic brick bond chamber adds a sense of contemporary cool, the result of which is sure to be a true timeless classic.

Image Features:

*Aversa Mantel

*Fire: Victorian fire basket in black (burning logs)

*Chamber: Grey ceramic brickbond

*Hearth: 54″ Slate, with back hearth

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About the Material:

This natural sedimented formed over 50 million years ago is cut straight from the earth. Portuguese limestone features characteristically darker veins on a light background, intermingled with fossils of plant and animal life all adding to the beauty and individuality of this great material. In contrast, the Agean Limestone is much whiter with a soft, speckled grain, which will work well in a variety of settings.