Contura 520T Style

The Contura 500 style is the most popular wood burning model. With a light modern appearance and clean lines it will blend into any home. Have your Contura 500 exactly how you want it with options to have different designs and features for example a soapstone cladding with certain 500 style models. Read about each one to find your favorite.

The Contura 520T –  Clad in soapstone for all those cold days. The soapstone surround gives the Contura 520T natural heat retaining properties. At the same time, it’s compact size means that it is easy to position in your home. The soapstone is a natural material giving you natural variation and patterns, making each one unique.


* Integrated cool to touch handle
* Clean burn technology
* High flame visibility
* Powerfull convection system 


* Automatic start function
* Refueling boost function
* Silent sliding ash tray
* Upgraded cast iron and glass door
* Improved door stop in open position


* Choice of black or grey finish
* Soft closing door
* Turntable
* Air inlet
* Fan
* Cooking plate

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Contura stoves are more than just a heat source. All the models, and every single stove, are designed and made with great care. Contura stoves have a homely feeling, quality and peace of mind – all representing the soul of Småland Province in Sweden. A Contura is part of your home, a beloved item of furniture that radiates heat. Contura also has a tradition of innovation in both design and technology.