Contura 890T Style

The new Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design. But above all, added features for easier fire lighting and tending.

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    The Contura 800 style has taken its inspiration from the famous super-ellipse. The shape makes the stove compact and attractive, making it easy to position, even in small spaces. Thanks to the excellent shape there is a generous area of glass without loosing efficiency in the firebox.  With a wide range of models and add-on options, you can be sure of finding your ideal stove.

    The Contura 890T Style – The dramatic flickering of the flames off set by the calm and robust soapstone. 890T is a stove with a format and appearance that won’t go unnoticed. The naturally heat-retaining soapstone also radiates heat long after the last embers have died out.


    * Clean burn technology
    * High flame visibility
    * Powerfull convection system
    * Top exit
    * Silent sliding ashtray
    * Refueling boost function
    * Cool to touch handle
    * Automatic start function 


    * Choice of black or grey
    * Glass door 
    * Soft closing door
    * Powerstone heat tank 

    * Air inlet

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    Contura stoves are more than just a heat source. All the models, and every single stove, are designed and made with great care. Contura stoves have a homely feeling, quality and peace of mind – all representing the soul of Småland Province in Sweden. A Contura is part of your home, a beloved item of furniture that radiates heat. Contura also has a tradition of innovation in both design and technology.