Dik Geurts Aste 5

The Aste 5 is a woodburning stove with a classic look with beautifully designed legs and robust cast iron door. This wood burner can be easily placed inside an existing fireplace. A heat shield is also available for this stove, allowing you to place it closer to a flammable wall.


  • Cast iron door
  • Closed combustion chamber (no grate)
  • Simple to use single leaver to operate
  • Airwash system to help maintain a clean window.


  • External air kits
  • Rear heat shield
  • Multifuel kit


Dik Geurts is the DRU brand for contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel fires and stoves. The range includes wood fire inserts and classic stoves that are designed for UK chimneys, as well as widescreen built-in wood fires and freestanding wood stoves with spectacular modern designs and high energy efficiency

Dik Geurts was an established manufacturer and well-known brand for contemporary wood stoves in the Netherlands. Since the acquisition by DRU, its name has become well-known in the UK and throughout Europe.

Products now produced under the Dik Geurts brand include wood fires and stoves, such as Ivar and Instyle that are designed specifically for UK homes, with practical features, Class 1 chimney compatibility and DEFRA approval.