FB3 Double Sided Stove

The FB3 double sided stove with its very distinctive but fluid shapes, will heat any large room. The FB3 offers an 18kW  heat and is  available in a multitude of colour options to suit your interior décor. The FB3 is available with brushed stainless steel legs and in a single sided version.

  • Log box.
  • Multifuel Kit
  • Brushed Steel Legs

Please note; Due to the manufacturing process involved on the double sided stoves if you choose to have brushed steel leg option you must also have double opening doors option.

  • Wide range of colour variations
  • Two sided – Opening doors

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Firebelly Stoves Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer based in Yorkshire  designing and manufacturing wood burning, multi fuel and Gas stoves teeming with the latest technology and combined with time honored and beautiful designs to offer connoisseurs everything they would want from a contemporary stove.

Heat reflective fire bricks line every face of the firebox keeping the fire bed at optimum temperature and helping the stoves achieve their high energy rating.

The intuitive controls and stay cool door handles make the stoves a joy to operate.