RAIS Visio Inset Range

Dare to be different? Invest in a RAIS Visio inset fire. An exclusive series, offering a simple design with underplayed elegance that provides the ultimate vision of flames.

A RAIS Visio wood burning fire will become the absolute focal point of your home with several versions, including double sided, three sided and a corner model your design dreams can be exactly as you please.

Create Your Own Style

If you would like to take part in the design process, you can design this stove just the way you want it. You can choose:

  • Black or stainless steel door frame
  • Black or stainless wide cover frame
  • Dark wood, Black/Stainlesss Steel handle
  • Anti reflective glass
  • Heat accumulation stone


  • Designed for use in smoke control areas
  • Rise and fall door
  • Ecodesign ready
  • Impressive single air control
  • Stay-cool door handle

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All RAIS designs take into account customers’ needs and wishes. Always endeavoring to create timeless creations that fit perfectly in the modern home.

In a single stove, there are between 200 and 250 components – and each one is designed and adapted for precisely. It generally takes 8-9 months from the time the first sketch is made until production of the finished stove can be launched.

Approximately 60 employees work in our production facilities in Frederikshavn, each with his or her own area of responsibility.

RAIS’ stoves naturally meet the very highest standards when it comes to efficiency and emission of residual particles. This is ensured through the testing, measurement and evaluation by the development department and its laboratory of each stove before production is launched. This means that RAIS stoves all live up to the highest European and US standards.