Telford Beam

Part of the Inglebeam Collection the Telford beam is a new addition. Replicated from a plainer design but with a enhanced focus on the fine detail veining that the original timber possessed. The impressive realism makes it nearly impossible to tell its not real wood, and will therefore take center stage in both modern or traditional properties.

Standard widths: 1220mm, 1372mm, and 1524mm

Depth: 130mm Height: 170mm

Available in light and medium oak finish.

Shown here with a Travistock suite featuring a rustic cast chamber with wrap around fascia and honed black granite hearth.

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The Material

Each individual beam and legs are hand made and meticulously finished by craftsmen. Much care has been taken to ensure the beams and leg uprights emulate real wood and this can be seen with an authentic finish including typical markings, shakes, holes and end grain.

The beams offer many advantages over natural timber, including being fire resistant. With warping and twisting, normally associated with wood beams being a problem of the past.