The Fireplace Contura i61T

A fireplace or a masonry stove from Contura is a modern open fireplace, a piece of furniture with attitude. The Contura i61 is designed with clean lines, glass and concrete for large rooms and cosiness & is the new smaller version of the Contura i51. With four models to choose from, read about each one to find your favorite.

The Contura i61T

Soapstone is a naturally heat-retaining stone that makes every fireplace unique due to its natural veining. It produces a beautiful fireplace that you can really call your own.


* Can stand directly against a combustible wall
* Easy grip controls that blend into the design
* Black inset with wide screen, three sided glass door 
* Clean burn technology for maximum visibility
* High flame visibility
* Powerfull convection system
* Top or rear connection 


*  Outside air connection 
*  Power stones
*  Floor protection – black, grey sheet metal or translucent 
*  Log storage 

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Contura stoves are more than just a heat source. All the models, and every single stove, are designed and made with great care. Contura stoves have a homely feeling, quality and peace of mind – all representing the soul of Småland Province in Sweden. A Contura is part of your home, a beloved item of furniture that radiates heat. Contura also has a tradition of innovation in both design and technology.