Solo Bonfire Kit (Including Stand)


The Solo Stove Range, specifically designed fire pits to provide ultra efficient burn for almost any location, home or away. A fire pit sized for every adventure, with little or or no smoke and minimal ash left over these simple to use outdoor fires provide a brilliant flame in minutes that will last the whole evening.

304 Stainless Steel

Low Smoke

Ultra Efficient

Long Lasting


How it works:

  1. Ranger eliminates smoke to create an even hotter flame.
  2. Rising air is pulled through the bottom vent holes and the air then gets  sent to all parts of the fire using patented 360 degrees airflow technology, making it hotter than a traditional fire bowl.
  3. There are additional vent holes near the top of the burner chamber, this allow hot air to fan the flames and burn off excessive smoke.
  4. The  hotter flame means a more efficient burn that reduces your logs and ash.


Low Smoke

Rangers double walled design offers superior airflow with a primary and secondary burn for an uninterrupted enjoyment.


Rangers ultra efficient burn brings your kindling and chunky wood to a brilliant flames in minutes. Start up is both fast and easy. The exceptional air flow does the heavy lifting so you can have a roaring fire that lasts the evening.

Long Lasting

Constructed with 304 stainless steel, ranger is built to be the last. The solids one piece design creates limitless opportunities to light up for years.


Ordinary fire pits stay in one place. These adventures ready rangers are made to getup & go. With accessories designed to nest inside the burn chamber you’ll instantly feel at home at any campsite.


Enjoy a fire on your wood decking or at the beach with the protection stand. Find elevated peace of mind with shield or  roast marshmallows with a fire pit cooking system.


Diameter 19.5″ 49.5cm

Height 17.5″ 44.5cm

Weight 21.75 llbs 10kg

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